Veterinary Biomedicine

Veterinary Biomedicine through Willow Creek Veterinary Center presents cutting edge treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy and Prolotherapy.

Biomedicine Laboratory

Prolotherapy consists of concentrated platelets from the same patient blood, through differential centrifuging under rigorous sterility standards and re-injected into the patient wherever it is needed.

The healing effect comes from the number of growth factors inside of the platelets, such as PDGF, FGF, EGF etc. When we deliver the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in a lesion it speeds up the healing. It is especially recommended in tendonitis, muscle fiber trauma and severe skin wounds.

Stem cell therapy, which had been experimental for many years, has exploded - especially in veterinary medicine. Stem cells are not mysterious entities which can be found only in embryos. As a matter of fact, there are stem cells everywhere in everybody.

Adipose Tissue

In the 70’s stem cells started being isolated from bone marrow, a complex process, and in the 80’s it was found that an easily acquired source of stem cells is the adipose or fat tissue.

However, they are found in bone and bone marrow vessel walls, as well as the liver…..these cells can transform themselves into other lines and also have the potential of multiplying under the appropriate conditions.

Stromal Vascular Fraction

Veterinary Biomedicine offers services, such as extracting the stem cells from fat tissue. They are separated in what is called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), where endothelial cells, red blood cells, etc, can also be found. They can then be re-injected into the patient or cultured and isolated in order to obtain a major benefit.


Veterinary Biomedicine also offers isolation, expansion and cryopreservation banking of stem cells from placental tissues and umbilical cords from neonates for future use.

The main indication for this therapy is osteoarthritis, however more uses are found continuously given the capacity of stem cells to transform in other cells.

Detractors of this therapy warn about the possibility of producing neoplasia or cancer. So far the only qualifying study shows that only a culture of stem cells farther than 30 or 40 passes, or culture subdivisions, can start having characteristics of neoplastic cells and create a cancer.

Veterinary Biomedicine brings this exciting new world of treatment, under the most rigorous sterile practices and employing only autologous transplants.

Dr. Lucena is certified in the practice of Regenerative Cell Therapy, which uses harvested cells to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis and orthopedic soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Lucena joined Willow Creek Veterinary Center in 2006. Prior to that he practiced in Spain, England, and Scotland before moving to the States where he worked at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Lucena would be happy to discuss with you how this innovative new treatment option can benefit your animal companions.

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