Rabies Vaccination Policy

Following are the guidelines for Willow Creek Veterinary Center’s (WCVC) Rabies Vaccination Policy as of September 27, 2022:

  • All patients will be kept up to date on Rabies vaccination unless medically contraindicated, in which case a medical Rabies waiver will need to be completed.
    • Contraindications include but are not limited to: Patients with immunocompromised disease processes or severe allergic reaction to past Rabies vaccination
  • All patients due or overdue for Rabies will be brought up to date on their vaccine unless SERIOUS illness warrants against it. If this is the case the patient should be scheduled to be brought back for a recheck and be vaccinated at that time.
  • All surgical and dental patients MUST be up to date on Rabies unless a medical Rabies waiver has been completed OR it is an emergency surgery.
  • All patients brought in for technician visits for nail trims, Cytopoint injections, ear cleanings, vaccination boosters MUST be up to date on Rabies unless a medical Rabies waiver was completed.
  • Clients do not have an option to decline Rabies vaccination. If client refuses to vaccinate their pet(s), they must sign the Refusal to Vaccinate for Rabies Form and that pet will no longer be seen here at WCVC as a patient.
  • Rabies waivers MUST be done annually.